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The Internet Home of British Country Music

On this site you will find plenty of information about Country Music in the United Kingdom.

  • From Country Music Artists to Country Music Fan Clubs.
  • From Western Dance to Western Wear.
  • From Country Music Festivals to Country Music Holidays.
  • From Country Music News to Country Music Reviews.
If you are interested in Country Music, there will be something on this site for you.

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Make new friends, exchange news and views, with a common interest in Country Music.
If you are trying to find an Artist of days gone by, or an Artist that you are trying to find on the Internet, or anybody or anything connected with Country Music, put your enquiry on our

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Other visitors may know the answers that you are looking for. You can also place a notice about anything to do with Country Music. You may wish to tell everybody about your own site, or some of your favourite Country Music sites. You may have something to Sell or Swap, or you may want to buy something. The Notice Board is the place to make your enquiry.

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