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Free country music magazines

Postby lo&m on Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:13 pm

I have a lot of country music magazines that need a good home. Most have been read only once and put away, seperately in the envelopes they came in. I don't want to throw them away in the trash; they're not trash but I've reached the point where I no longer want to keep them. Being realistic, I know I'll never read them again. So I want to give to give them away and I know anyone on this site will be interested in the subject matter.

Only thing is, you'll need to collect them from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. There's too many to send through the post. Although I don't want a penny for them, they'd cost you a fortune in postage. You could combine coming for the magazines and doing a spot of location spotting from the recent tv show. I could even take you on a little tour of the main locations.

So what have I got?

Maverick magazine from issue 2 in 2002 through to issue 102 in 2011 when it went bust. Then from issue 119* when it was resurrected by Hand Media after Alan Cackett sold it. So from 119 in 2013 through to issue 140 in 2016 when I realised that country music had changed so much that there was very little to interest me in Maverick any more so I stopped buying it.
*It carried on from 103 - 118 as online only editions.

Also, from roughly the same time period, a larger number British country magazines published by Mick Green from his house in Norfolk. The title started off as Country Music News and Routes which it was for years reporting on the Brit CM scene. Then at the height of the line dancing boom it became Country Music News/Line Dance UK. This was the 2 in1 phase where you read one mag from cover to halfway through then turned it upside down and read from the back cover in. It was described once on tv as "the Whizzer and Chips of country music." When the line dance boom crashed it became Country Music and more for a while before it finally folded. I've got it all the way through these changes. A bit of social history here.
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