"Born To Run"- Bruce springsteen

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"Born To Run"- Bruce springsteen

Post by Moshe » Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:18 pm

Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" is probably the biggest selling new book this year. The autobiography of the singer-songwriter, famed for his songs depicting American Blue Collar experience, has been eaten up by fans. As someone who likes some of his records but doesn't consider him as great as some- & he himself- think he is, I was still interested to read this book.
The relevance to country music of course is tenuous, but he has influenced the genre by way of country artistes who have covered his songs (such as Cash & Emmylou Harris) , & others, such as Eric Church who has made a career of trying to mimic Springsteen's gruff mumble and macho image.

To the book. Normally, the chapters of an autobiography I often skim are the early ones detailing the singer's childhood years and family background.
Conversely, these are the portions of this book I most enjoyed. They depicted colourfully the Italian/ Irish working class New Jersey family Bruce grew up in.
As Bruce got into his adolescent years & especially his times in rock and roll bands, I found the book a more tedious and repetitive read. I know playing in bands and performing night after night is a repetitive business, but reading it just bored me.
I ended up skimming the book from halfway through on. A deeply disappointing read for me, though others may love it.

I have read quite a few music autobiographies. Dolly's humorous autobiography is a great, witty read with many laughs (as you would expect) and much genuine love.
Loretta Lynn's "Coalminer's daughter", while awkwardly written, is a text book on the life & work of what being a country singer used to be all about.
Tanya Tucker's "Nickel Dreams" is a great, entertaining read. Maybe if Nashville's fictional star Juliet Barnes were to write her own story, it would read a bit like this.

But back to Bruce, sorry. As the old comics used to say when asked to comment on a work of art they had no interest in, "Not for me!"
Cor Blimey, Guv'nor! 8)

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