"Stevie Nicks- Visions, Dreams & Rumours"

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"Stevie Nicks- Visions, Dreams & Rumours"

Postby Moshe on Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:57 am

This new biography of Stevie Nicks by Zoe Howe is a very accomplished piece of work, bang up to date, & a very entertaining read.
The book takes us from Stevie's early musical influences, from her grandfather, a Country singer & muso, who used to encourage her to sing with him, through her time with Fleetwood Mac and beyond.
Stevie was probably Fleetwood Mac's most prolific & accomplished songwriter & some of her best songs, such as "Landslide", have more than a touch of country in them.
By end of the book Stevie is quoted as saying that she hopes to do an album of songs by her grandfather, AJ Nicks. "He wanted to be a famous Country & Western star" Stevie says, & she thinks he would be enjoying her career.
In between of course we get the drama, drugs & rock & roll of Fleetwood Mac & general Californian weirdness.
An entertaining book about one of the great characters of Rock & Roll with at least a toe dipping into country music!
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