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Composed - Rosanne Cash

PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:21 pm
by lo&m

Rosanne Cash

ISBN 978-0-670-02196-3

Rosanne Cash's memoir takes us through all the important stages of her life. From her childhood in California through her sojourn in London as a teen; through her long and glittering career in music and the brain surgery for a life-threatening condition.
And of course through her relationships, with her mother, father and extended family, her marriages to Rodney Crowell and John Leventhal and her own children. How she came to terms with and contributed to the musical legacy of the Carter/Cash family. However this is no dry recounting of facts. It's an account that is emotionally honest but without being cloying and over-powering. Throughout the book she refers back to incidents in her childhood and how she felt about them at the time before describing how they were resolved in later life.
In particular we see Rosanne's relationship with her mother, Vivian Liberto. So often depicted as a footnote in the Johnny Cash story, here she becomes a fully-fledged character in her own right albeit seen through the eyes of a daughter. There is no doubt that Rosanne deeply loved and respected both her parents.
The title is an apt one for on the obvious level Rosanne Cash is a composer and a song-writer. She chooses her words carefully. The book has been composed. The word also has the meaning of being calm, tranquil or serene. By the time we reach the end of her account we can see that she has reached a level of calmness and satisfaction with her life, both personal and professional.

Re: Composed - Rosanne Cash

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:10 pm
by Moshe
I think I read this book, but it was at a bad time. I bought it at the airport & it was soon after two deaths in my family. I was self medicating heavily with whiskey & I read it on the flight from South Africa to London.
I found it an interesting read, but do not recall much about it. I think I will have to revisit it.

I saw Rosanne Cash on two ocasions. The best tgig was at the Union Chapel in Islington. Just her & John Leventhal. Outstanding.