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Postby JohnC on Sun Nov 01, 2009 2:18 am


Artist / Band Of The Month
November 2009
U S Mail


U S Mail Country Band </center>

U S Mail was formerley known as Red Eye but due to personal commitments of one of the band members had to disband. They reformed very quickly with new band members as Rustler, but unfortunately the same thing happened again.

A few years went by and then Dave Riley, the original drummer, and Lee Garrity, the original keyboard player, got itchy fingers and set about forming a new band. With all band members now settled they got down to some serious rehersing.

The time had come to hit the road with the new band and it was decided to give the band a new identity. After many hours of arguing, the band decided to call themselves 'U S Mail'.

<center>Members of the band</center>

Chris Hayes - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica.</center>

Born in 1957 in Bolton, Chris has been playing since picking up his dad’s old acoustic guitar in his early teens. In his later teens he then went on to play in several bands and was in the origial line up for Stash, Chris retired from music whilst he brought up his family, but always maintained his love of live music. He was delighted to be offered the opportunity to audition for U.S. Mail and the rest is history, as the saying goes. Originally a rock singer he’s fairly new to country music and has recently turned to playing harmonica.. But its like they say – you’re never too old!

Pete Barton - Lead and Slide guitar </center>

Born on the Bayou in an undetermined year..Pete was raised on the Croal Delta on a diet of Philly Gumbo n Crawfish pie. Well not exactly ( More like Fish n Chips & Potato Pie ), and as instructed by the Lyrics of the Byrds song - 'Do You Wanna Be A Rock Star' - He went out "Got myself a Guitar n learned how to play". In his own words " I ain't packin it in till i break even....Yeee Haaaa!"

Julian Godley - Bass Guitar</center>

Born in 1960 in Rotherham, Jules first played bass, standing in, at short notice,for school band zenith. He played rythym guitar and keyboards and wrote most material for 80,s rock band Burgundy, and then spent 20yrs playing with '60's soul group Otis Day and the Nightshift ('Brass Routes'). A series of gigs followed with blues band Night Train in the mid 80's when the vocalist sacked most of the band and drafted in a few friends (including Dave Riley) from other local bands. In 2008 Dave invited him to join U.S. Mail as their 'bass player' and now he complains he's developed hard skin on the fingertips of both hands.

Lee Garrity - Keyboards and Backing Vocals</center>

Born In Horwich 1969, Lee started his musical odyssey at the age of nine, when given an old Organ by his folks, progressing into the exciting world of Synths, Keyboards & Computers, Playing with various bands & collectives throughout his teen years, In 1996 he joined Redeye on the country music scene, After a musical beak he is now enjoying playing country once more.

Dave Riley - Drums and Backing Vocals</center>

Born in Bolton ,Lancashire in 1956 , at the age of fifteen Dave joined his first band 'Black Cat Bone'. Playing both rock and blues cover tunes and a selection of self penned material, it was the latter that lead to a meeting with Hughie Green and an audition for Opportunity Knocks.Then on to form Stash, a progressive rock outfit which lasted 20 years. In 1996 The country band Redyey was formed playing venues throughout the country changing lineup in 1999 - 2007 as Rustler.. 2008 saw Dave regroup with the original keyboard player from Redeye Lee Garrity, to form U.S. Mail.

U S Mail Live at Farnworth</center>

U S Mail, rising like the pheonix from the ashes of Red Eye Country Band, are making a fine re-entry into the British country music scene.

They have already appeared at local clubs and the Creetown Country Music Festival in September 2009

U S Mail is also featured as Artist of the Month on John Craven's http://www.bcmi-radio.co.uk.


Contact Details:-

Tel. Dave 07711 193124 or Lee 07931 454523

E-mail: info@us-mail-countrymusic.co.uk

Web site: http://www.us-mail-countrymusic.co.uk.


U S Mail Country Band are the featured band on our http://www.bcmi-radio.co.uk November 2009 show



Female Artist of the Year 2009</center>


Katie Rhodes was born in Manchester into a large Irish family. Many of her sisters and brothers are very talented musicians and vocalists. While Katie was young, her parents and siblings had an Irish/Country band which travelled all over the UK and Europe and sometimes Katie used to sit in the large living room watching and listening as the family rehearsed new songs, or a new instrumental, sometimes laughing at the frustration of her father (a superb mandolin and lap steel player) couldn't get it right. Then watching while they all got ready for a gig, arguing and fighting for the bathroom; the girls usually won - little knowing that years later she would follow in their footsteps! Katie says she has learned a lot of valuable lessons from her family. The whole family being entertainers, they would often sit around the living room singing songs, playing instruments and singing five-part vocal harmonies for their own entertainment. Who needs to go out to listen to a band when you've got one at home?

She then worked solidly perfecting her show in readiness for her debut night in May 2006, trying to please everybody, the show consisted of a bit of all types of Country; some slow, some fast, some old, some new, some classics, some definitely not, including an original song penned by BL Locklin, who was in attendance on the night to hear her perform it. By May 2006, Katie was ready for her one and only gig, at the Lever Club. The evening was a resounding success, and included guest spots from BJ Locklin and Pat Jordan

Since Katie's debut night, she hasn't looked back. Being a bubbly, happy go lucky type of person, and a bit of a joker in real life, she has developed her show with a touch of tongue in cheek banter with her audience. She says she has made an enormous amount of personal friends who she holds close to her heart. She says artistes need people like these in the crowd to give the artiste the belief in themselves. She says 'Without an audience, I am nothing', which is very true.

Katie joins the Heather Myles Band

In September 2006, an opportunity then came along to tour with Heather Myles as part of her backing band ?The Cadillac Cowboys' playing bass and singing backing vocals due to the fact that her own bass player was unable to travel. She did that first tour with Heather's band in September and October 2006, travelling to France, Norway and Holland (where the live DVD was recorded), amongst other places. She has since toured with Heather Myles on two further European tours, performing in Spain, Billy Bob's C&W Saloon at Euro Disney in Paris, Holland again, Norway, Switzerland (opening up for The Bellamy Brothers), Sweden & France again, to name but a few of the venues. On one particular date in Spain, Danni Leigh was in attendance and got up and did a guest spot with the band, which was another great experience.

Katie Rhodes is a featured artiste on our http://www.bcmi-radio.co.uk November 2009 show (second half)


Contact Details:-

Tel. Adrian on 0161 653 5472 or 0777 369 2313

E-mail: kate_ady@yahoo.co.uk

Web site: http://www.katierhodes.co.uk.

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Postby Stetson Stu on Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:08 pm

Thanks for the U.S. Mail interview with Dave and Lee, John. I found that by downloading it first I could listen to it without any gaps!
Just to add also that U.S. Mail now have a myspace page on:

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu ... =501837169

Hope to see you again soon

Jules ( bass)
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Postby onlinejack on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:23 pm

Well done and thanks for your post...


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