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Artist / Band Of The Month
October 2009
Bob Morgan's Western Re-Union

Bob Morgan's Western Re-Union </center>

The band was formerley known as Western Union and in this guise won the British Country Music radio award in 2003 with a self penned song "Quiet Storm" written by lead singer Jim Hulmes. Sadly, due to ill health, Jim Hulmes had to retire. The band was very lucky to enroll Anita Ray, a sucessful solo artiste, as their lead singer. Once again the band was thwart with bad luck when Anita had to leave due to personal commitments. The band again had a stroke of luck when Bob Morgan, who already had a sucessful solo career, joined and the band was renamed to Bob Morgan's Re-Union.

<center>Members of the band</center>

Bob Morgan - Lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar. </center>

I first got into playing quite by accident! A school friend told me that he had a group and invited me to listen in at a rehearsal. I went along and, during the course of the practice the microphone broke down. The singer left to go and get another and while he was away my friend fixed the broken one. He then suggested that I might like to sing a song or two while we waited for the singer to return so I had a go. However, when the singer returned he heard me and immediately accused the band of trying to replace him and he stormed off! The lads then revealed that they had a booking at a local youth club the following day and that as I had caused their singer to leave I would just have to stand in!! I did and despite extreme nerves enjoyed it and developed a taste for more!

The band then used to practice at my house and it was then that I started to play drums as the kit was left there. Another school friend approached me one day and asked if his group could borrow our drummer for a night. However, the drummer was only 13 and his mother wouldn’t let him stay out until midnight so I told my friend that I could play drums (I couldn’t really!) and went on the gig. As it happened the guy for whom I stood in was a terrible drummer and my efforts were deemed to have been better so I was asked to join! Little did I know that this was the beginning of something which was to last throughout the rest of my life.

From there I went the usual route at the time playing around Merseyside in rock and roll bands as a singing drummer. Went to Germany and Turkey to play on the American forces bases and there it was that I was really introduced to country music. There followed a couple of years in a comedy cabaret band, Past and Present. However, due to the needs of bringing up a family I was soon forced to play semi pro for many years and even stopped for a few years until the mid 80s when I fronted a well known Merseyside country rock band, Charlie Boy, for 3 years. (During this time I appeared in an annual pantomime for about 10 years in New Brighton - predictably as the villain or the dame!!

I stopped playing due to "day job" demands until the late 90s when, after early severance from conventional work left me free to start again. Once ore I turned to drumming/singing and joined the 60s circuit again. Spent 6 months in a funk/blues band called Gazzmatazz and worked in Europe with appearances on Spanish TV and radio. However, it was only some 3 years ago that I discovered the British country scene and was persuaded by a guitarist friend of mine to finally sing country music in public. I had taken some ribbing from the soul/blues/pop for many years over my taste for it but, after a nervous start, I've realised that I ought to have been doing this years ago!

I hadn't thought of joining a band again until Fred (Western Union's bass player and a persistent swine!) kept following me around the clubs and hounding me to think about it. Eventually, I gave in and agreed to do dates with the band whenever I was free. My only regret is that I didn't have the foresight to ralise that I could have played country music years ago!!

Tony TC Carter - Lead and Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals </center>

Tony was the lead guitarist of the award winning original Western Union. He began his career in the mid 1960's playing with "So On And So Forth", a well respected Burnley band.

They played support to artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Spencer Davis and The Move. Tony was also in "The Chants" who later became the "Real Thing". He played with Clayton County, Cobblestone Cowbows and of course Western Union.

Tony is also an accomplished Harmonica player as well as a session musician on the Pedal Steel Guitar.

Fred Williamson - Bass Guitar, Backing vocals </center>

Fred is another 'old hand' having played with North Carolina and the well known Merseyside trio Nashville Nites.

Along with Tony Carter and Mike Martin, Fred was an original member of the band Anita Ray nad Western Union.

Colin Peacock - Keyboard </center>

Colin has played keyboards for most of his life in various musical styles, but he is relatively new to country music.

He has develloped a real liking for country music and has develloped a real talent for it.

His inclusion in the band gives an extra dimention, allowing a fresh approach to familar country songs.

Mike Martin - Drums and Percussion </center>

Mike was almost in at the start of the original Western Union, taking over from the original drummer, Pete Mack.

Mike is a talented drummer and precussionist with a background that is second to none.

Mike is an accomplished session drummer and has backed many well known artists such as Bobby Bare

Bob Morgan's Western Re-Union in Concert </center>

Bob Morgan's Western Re-Union debut CD, The USA Today, has been hailed by the country music media as one of the best so far this year.

It has been featured on Joe Fish Country (Radio Lancashire) as well as local community radio in Leicester, Cheshire and Meseyside.

It is also featured as Artist of the Month on John Craven's


Contact Details:-

Tel. Tony on 01254 606990 or 07949 382 922



Bob Morgan's Western Re-Union are the featured band on our October 2009 show
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