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Artist / Band Of The Month
September 2009
Hillbilly Deluxe


Hillbilly Deluxe is a fully "LIVE" four piece band.

Hillbilly Deluxe

Hillbilly Deluxe played thier first gig at Glasgow's Grand old Opry, on the 3rd of June 2007.

Since then, they have played all over central Scotland, the Highlands of Scotland, and the north of England, playing major festivals and clubs,including The great North Country & Western Festival in 2008, and closing the festival in 2009. Hillbilly Deluxe have also played Craig Tara festival and more.

Hillbilly Deluxe's debut CD "Play Something Country", which was completed in October 2008, covers the diverse style of country music that they are becoming so very popular for.

The band are now looking forward to working on some original material, with the help of other songwriters, including John Naismith from One Day 40/Evangeline, and hope to release their second CD of half original songs and half covers, before the end of 2009.


Richie Morton - Lead Vocals

Ritchie, born in Scotland, is a country music 'daft' boy who loves the music of Trace Adkins, Chris Cagle, Jason Aldean, Alan Jackson, Montgomery Gentry, Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley, Keith Anderson and many more but his two hero's and biggest influences have got to be Toby Keith and the main man Garth Brooks.

Ritchie was previously vocalist with Scottish duo " Against The Grain ", before being contacted by Shane, Steve and Chris with a view to forming a new live band. The result is:

<center>HILLBILLY DELUXE</center>

Chris Devoti Lead Guitar

Chris has gained worldwide experience (Usa, Japan, Europe, Africa, Caribbean) as a session guitarist, composer, and arranger in all styles of music, from pop to jazz, electronic to latin, classical to heavy metal and flamenco,...........but particularly country music.

Born in France, Chris has ended up settling down in Scotland, and was a member of Midnight Rebels for 2 years.

Steve Frank: Bass Guitar

Steve has been playing seriously for over 25 years, first on guitar, then onto bass about 15 years ago.

He has played in various blues/rock bands in and around Newcastle upon Tyne.

Steve has been playing country for about 12 years or so, starting with the Newcastle based band, The Good Ole Boyz , then after moving to live in Scotland joined " Midnight Rebels ", and also occasionally bass player for "Red Canyon".

Shane D'Mont - Drums

Shane was born in South Africa 'many moons' ago and started his drumming career at the age of 9 years old, playing "Boere music" as they call it there.

He then started in backing bands for all the top Country artists as well as a studio musician for EMI in S.A.

In 1986 he was the bull riding champion in the Rodeo Circuit in S.A.

In the 90's he started Memphis Sound, where he worked as sound engineer for top international artists. Shane came to Scotland in 1999 where he started country band Midnight Rebels,

Hillbilly Deluxe at GNCWF July 2009</center>

There’s something about this band that makes people want to get up and dance. A good time is always on offer when Hillbilly Deluxe are at your venue.

Hillbilly Deluxe were recently asked to take part in a new country and folk music programme, which also featured Little Rock, and Brian Hughes and The Loansharks amongst others. It was a great experience and they all feel privileged to have been chosen to take part in the filming for Ceol Country, shown on BBC Alba1.

Hillbilly Deluxe play up to date country music, by the likes of Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Chris Cagle, and of course Garth Brooks, with a couple of re-worked traditional tunes.

HILLBILLY DELUXEuk can be seen and heard on:
http://www.myspace.com/hillbillyukdeluxe AND http://www.hillbillydeluxeuk.com

Contact Details:-

Tel: Stevie on 01505 322971 : email: s.frank2@ntlworld.com

Tel:Shane on 01505 358382 : email: s.erasmus@ntlworld.com

Web site. http://www.hillbillydeluxeuk.com

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