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August 2009
West Virginia



West Virginia are one of Britains most popular and hardworking bands.Originating in Liverpool they regularly play the length and breadth of the U K. In their late teens, brothers Arthur and Keith Thornhill along with Mike Brown, Eric Lloyd and Brian Nicholls, decided to form a group. They called themselves The Road Liners but later changed it to West Virginia.

They immediately started making an impact on the country music scene getting plenty of work nationwide. Sadly Eric died and the band carried on as a four piece.

They won the Malboro country music talent competition in the Wembly conference centre in 1978, they picked up work touring with such ledgends as Marty Robbins,Don Everly and Merle Haggard.

They won top band award in the Great Britain Country Music Awards broadcast on BBC Radio 2 they also appeared on television in Pebble Mill and on Scottish television. In the early 90s they went to Nashville to record the album " BLUE RENDEZVOUS " which soon became album of the year.

The song Blue Rendezvous was written for the band by Kenny Johnson and won song of the year.

Drummer Brian left and his replacement was Tony Peck, an inspired choice. He is a great drummer but also a very funny man. " The Virgins ", as their many fans call them, have always had a great sence of fun and so 'The Pekker' fitted right in. You can guarantee if there is any mischief at a festival that the lads have something to do with it. That was eleven years ago and he is now an integral part of the band.

They have recently appeard in a feature film called " THE POOL " and appeared before royalty at the Alexandra Palace

Members of the band

Keith Thornhill - Rythm Guitar and Lead Vocals

Keith: Rythm Guitar, Lead Vocals: Was a founding member of the band, originally known as The Road Liners.

Keith started out life as a painter and decorator. His mother was a singer with the Joe Loss orchestra, so he comes from a family with musical influence.

He taught himself to play the guitar and so formed the band with brother Arthur.

Keith has recorded his own album called "Just Some Love Songs" at the studios of Paul Wright of Fools Gold fame.

Arthur Thornhill - Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals</center>

Arthur: Bass Guitar & Vocals along with brother Keith was a founding member of the band.

Arthur also started life as a painter and decorator and comes from the same musical influence family as brother Keith.

Arthur also runs a very sucessful music agency known as Cloud 9 agency. Cloud 9 can cater for all genres of music as well as country music, including many tribute bands.

Mike Brown - Lead Guitar</center>

Mike: Lead Guitar, was also a founding member of the original band, originally living in Prescot, Liverpool, Mike moved to Banbury in Oxfordshire.

Originally worked as a milkman he is a self taught guitarist and plays an important role in the sucess of the band.

Tony Peck 'The Pekker' - Drums and Lead Vocals</center>

Tony: Drums & Vocals, joined the band around 11 yeard ago when Brian left to play with the Phil Haley Band, a Bill Haley Tribute band.

Being somewhat of a comedian, Tony fitted in straight away.

Previously, Tony had played with John Derek and Country Fever and a band called Wishbone both from Northhampton.

Tony is also quite a good songwriter and has recorded his own CD titled 'The Pekker'.

West Virginia in concert</center>

These days Arthur runs the very successful 'Cloud 9 Agency' giving work to other acts and organising festivals at home and abroad.

So after thirty four years at the top and having been inducted into The British Country Music Hall of Fame,they are still regarded as one of British Country Music's premier bands.

Contact Details:-

Tel. Arthur on 07889 135 366

E-mail cloud9ents@aol.com

Web site. http://www.cloud9.countrymusic-festival.co.uk


West Virginia are the featured artists on our http://www.bcmi-radio.co.uk August show
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