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July 2009
Michigan Duo

Michigan Duo

Andy & Diana Kerr, known together as MICHIGAN DUO, met each other in Malta.

They used to do an acoustic folk night once a week in the pub which went down great coz everyone used to join in and sing along.

They started entertaining as a trio (then as a duo) working in small pubs, hotels and at lidos by the sea.

They began introducing festivals with one of the managers of the hotels that they worked in and they went down a storm.

Every year in Malta Michigan Duo celebrate the Independance. One year they approched the Minister of Culture and asked if we could have a country theme for a change and to their surprise he agreed. He asked if they knew anyone to bring over from the UK.

Diana got on the phone to a few bands and decided to bring Nashville Fever (changed to The Fever) over.

Michigan Duo opened up the festival and several local artists and dancers also took part.

Michigan Duo played a couple of live radio country shows and a 5 week series on TV.

Andy Kerr - Lead vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Andy has been playing guitar and singing since he was 16 years old.

His love of music was always country music, even at a very early age.

Andy's favourite artists are the great Merle Haggard and of course Waylon Jennings.

Andy was fortunate enough to be dragged up on a little island called Malta, where he met his wife Diana.

With a great many of their friends being American, they were never very far away from good old country music.

Andy was taught three chords on the guitar, by his father in law, way back in 1982, and took to entertaining almost as if he was born for it.

Andy hopes that if you see them in a venue, anywhere, you will come over and say Hi. They like to chat with fellow country music lovers.

Diana Kerr - Bass Guitar

Diana was introduced to music at a young age. She started piano lessons at the age of 5.

Diana's parents owned a pub in Malta, were she was born, and the British forces used to have jam sessions which she used to listen to while falling asleep at night.

In her teenage years she used to join in and they had regular sessions twice a week where anyone who could play would bring their instruments and join in. The music varied from standard numbers to folk, jazz, blues, country even raggae! Diana used to strum along on the guitar, sometimes have a bash on the drums but mainly the tamborine.

Diana's personal taste in music varies from classical to light jazz but her favourite is new country like Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Mark Chestnut, Toby Keith, Josh Turner and Gretchan Wilson to name a few.

Michigan Duo</center>

As a Duo in malta called Kalamazoo, Andy & Diana worked for a number of years, sometimes 6 nights a week, as well as a regular job as a tech (where did we get the energy).

In the years to follow they had a couple of daughters (now 21 & 22 years old), but still continued with their music playing at many venues as well as TV and Radio. They even played on a ship (never again Andy hardly kept his lunch in place).

Now we are back in the UK re-named as Michigan Duo as there is a Kalamzoo here in England,

Diana says "if you ever come to see us play, do come over and let us know you have seen our web page (www.freewebs.com/michigan-duo) and give us your opinions as we would like to hear what you have to say".
Diana is currently updating their webpage and would like to add a page where she will put the title of some of the tracks they cover. I would then appreciate it if all you dancers out there suggest dances that can be done to them or even e-mail us the dance steps to put on a seperate page.

Diana says "I personally would love to learn a few more dances but unfortunately I haven’t got the time to keep up with it all and also I am getting on a bit and they don’t seem to stay in my brain!!!! ".

Contact Details:-

Tel. Andy or Diana: 01782 3305498216

E-mail flipperdiana@sky.com

Web site. http://www.freewebs.com/michigan-duo


Michigan Duo are the featured artists on our http://www.bcmi-radio.co.uk July show
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