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Artist / Band Of The Month
June 2009
Quill - Celtic Country Music Band


Anyone seeing and hearing Quill in concert will wonder at the magic of the performance! Quill has developed a unique musical style that has captured many varied influences, plying Celtic folk hued Fleetwood Mac-ish rock before the Corrs were invented.
The artistry of guitar and violin harmonies is complimented by five vocal harmonies producing an exciting dynamic sound.

Quill's repertoire includes many time-honoured classics, performed with energy and enthusiasm and their original material blends perfectly.
A stunning entertaining stage show, equal to any world class act!

At every concert the audience is comprehensively entertained and always end the evening with a smile having danced, swayed and rocked to an endless stream of perfectly performed show stoppers.
Many of the new songs from PRIVILEGED have already been included in their live set and have added a new, fresh and exciting dimension to their very powerful on stage performance.

Quill - Celtic Country Music Band

New Semi Acoustic Set

Quill are proud to present their latest musical venture : a new acoustic set that allows the band's characteristic vocal harmonies to shine through. The set includes popular classics by The Dixie Chicks, Kansas, Amy McDonald, Gerry Rafferty and Styx plus some brand new original material.

Quill are continuing to play their successful Celtic rock show but are enjoying this new challenge. Singer Joy Strachan Brain explains:<br>
"We're one of the hardest working bands in the country and we love to play in as many different types of venues as possible. We’d talked about doing this for a long time but the person who galvanised us into action was our friend Chris Jackson the organiser of the Americana, a fantastic festival at Newark Showground. We were gigging in Ireland in October and he came up and asked us how the acoustic set was going. When we told him we hadn’t really started he looked thoughtful.
‘Well ’ he said, ‘you’re booked to play it on the main stage in July.’

The result is a varied and dynamic collection of songs that are both upbeat and pensive taking music back to its grassroots level-a group of people in a pub enjoying a live band.

If you want a gig where you can sing along if you want to or just sit and chill out with a drink then this is the gig for you.

Contact Details:-

E-mail: joyofquill@blueyonder.co.uk

Web site: http://www.quill-uk.com/

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