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Artist / Band Of The Month
January 2009
Darren Busby : Jonny Williams : Ronnie J Morson : Chris Raddings : Sam Millar

Darren Busby
Darren Busby started his musical career in 1980,being part of a small band in his home town of Barton-on-Humber in which he sang and played the drums. Unfortunately, the band did not last for too long, and so he taught himself to play guitar while his uncle, Sean, learned to play bass. They formed a band called SOUTHERN PRIDE which turned out to be quite successful. They were playing clubs up and down the country, employing other musicians when they were required. They stayed together for several years before going their seperate ways.

In 1987 he went solo, still retaining his job as a welder, again using other musicians when the need arose.
Darren has recorded a number of CDs. His last two being produced by that great guitarist Wayne Golden (lead guitar with Ann Breen)and also played abroad in France, Holland , Spain and Belgium.
Darren also turned to songwriting and has written six songs. His "Bachelor Days" was voted runner-up for the U.K. Country Radio Awards, Best new song, in 2001. The last two years have been very busy for him, having travelled the length and breadth of Britain, so much that on July 10th 1998 he turned full-time professional into the music business,a decision that he had been thinking about for the last 10 years.


He was voted Top Solo Artist of the year 2001 in "The Peoples Choice Awards.
He was voted Top Solo Artist of the year 2002 in "The Peoples Choice Awards.
The Best British Country Album of the YEAR 2002 in the U.K. Country Radio Awards at Frimley Green.


Contact Details:-
Tel. 01652 656197

E-mail: dbusbyhouse@aol.com


Jonny Williams
Jonny Williams was born and raised in the North East of England on March 3rd 1967.

He moved to Sheffield, South Yorkshire in September 1988, where he helped form rockabilly band THE MERCURYS performing original songs and covers from the greats such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard etc. and songs from lesser known rockabilly artists such as Johnny Powers, Warren Smith, Macey Skipper to name but a few, this band had ten succesful years together playing all over England and parts of Europe they were lucky enough to back some of the lesser known singers from the 1950's who were becoming popular again with the young rockabilly audiences such as Dale Hawkins and Johnny Powers, even managing to get a support to pop star Morrisey which was to be the biggest crowd they payed to of 9 thousand at Birminghams N.E.C. Due to other comittments from band members the band more or less ground to a halt, and Jonny always being a huge country fan, thanks to his hero Jerry Lee Lewis, who covered lots of country music as well as rock'n'roll decided to see if there was room for him on the thriving country circuit.

After travelling around some of the local country clubs and seeing some of the top British solo artists he decided to give it a go, along with Kev, his soon to be father in law and best mate who agreed to do the sound out front.

After an encouraging 18 months on the road, the bookings were coming in fast and it came to the point of "do I pack the day job in" which was a van driver for a bakery, the choice was more or less made for him when one day after everything possible had gone wrong , the work van had broken down twice, he was hours late and was going to get it in the neck from his customers, as he sat on a slip road close to the M1, van full of undelivered bread, and realised his boss wasnt coming with another van..........he locked up the van, posted the keys and never returned, and still wonders what ever happened to the van full of bread ! That was in April 2000.

Since then he has made many great friends on the country circuit including other artists and critics, and is indebted to people like Dale Green, Les Payne, Mac Dee and Nick and Anita from country contrast who have encouraged him fully and helped him on his way.

Jonny's material is always pure country and he tries to pick out songs that are a little different or not heard anymore as there are so many great songs that just get overlooked,as well as peppering the set with some well known songs, he often hears from audiences that "its great to hear real country music again"
After a trip to Georgia U.S.A in June 2002 and getting to sing a few songs at the world famous "TOOTSIES" in Nashville, he was awarded "artist of the year" by the Grimsby CMC, which was an honour for him
In September 2002 he released his 4th cd titled "Walk Through This World" which was recorded at Dale Green's studio and has been getting great reviews from the country music writers and is available at Jonny's gigs.
For the second year running Jonny has picked up solo arist of the year award again at the Queens club,in Barton on Humber,which was a really nice suprise.
End of August Jonny should hopefully be back in the studio recording a new c.d
He would like to thank everybody for their continued support and looks forward to seeing you around the trail !!

Contact Details:-

E-mail: jonnywilliamscountry@yahoo.co.uk

Web http://www.jonnywilliams.piczo.com


Ronnie J Morson
Ronnie J Morson started listening to country music at the age of 6. His dad would often pick up country albums from the US while away at sea and bring them home for him. Then he would tape him singing his favourite songs on an old reel to reel tape recorder. Ronnie's dad made sure he was brought up on the 'Giants' of country music - Hank Williams Snr, Jimmy Rodgers, Lefty Frizzel.

"I have to say that the turning point in my life (and my singing) came when I first heard Merle Haggard. He has been a massive influence on my career ever since. As I moved into my teenage years I gained my education as a country singer by performing in small bars and clubs in the North West ('paying my dues' as they say)".

By the 1980s Ronnie had turned his attention to the 'New Traditionalists' of country music. Three country musicians and singers influenced the direction he decided to take in his songs and live shows - Randy Travis, Alan Jackson and George Strait. These artists in particular have taught Ronnie what real country music is, what it should feel like and what it should sound like.

After all these years the only real music Ronnie has sung and listened to is country music. So where to go and what to do with this? Ronnie continues to play the country music circuit in the UK. A showcase at Fort San Antone, Great Birchwood Country Park, Lytham in 2002 led to an offer of a record contract with TBS Enterprises in Branson, Missouri from no less a man than Elvis's old drummer.

A chance response to an advert in 'Country Music International' led to a link up with Dave Gray and Billy Frank aka New Frontier. I feel this is a turning point in my career. It's a joy to be working with such talented musicians (thanks Ronny - Dave and Billy).


Contact Details:-

Tel. 07980 235 851


Chris Raddings
Chris Raddings made his first album `Watching You Go` in 1997 after meeting Ethan Allen and John
Pettifer at a showcase at `Hanks Place`. This album included a self penned number 'Jim Beam Low' along with 11 other songs.

Chris teamed up with Irish guitarist Colm Moore to form the duo`Raddings and Moore`
As Raddings and Moore, he particularly enjoyed performing at `A Chance To Dance` festival in Harrogate.

Chris went on to join up with three other musicians to form the band `Trickrider`.

Trickrider performed a showcase at Witton Castle Festival and very narrowly beat Western Union into second place.

The first album that Chris bought, as a 12 year old, was The Shadows 20 Golden Greats.

The next album that Chris bought was '20 Footapping Greats' by the legendary Johnny Cash.

It was something about the `Twang` of those guitars which seemed to stick, and that was the direction that Chris saw his future.

Chris has enjoyed country music for over 30 years now.

Since the break up of Trickrider, Chris has performed as a solo artist, performing a number of gigs in 2008.
Chris has a number of original material which he is looking to record on a follow up album in the near future.

Contact Details:-

Tel. 01423 529992

Tel. 07968 845 833

E-mail: chrisraddings@onetel.com


Sam Millar
Sam Millar has just returned from Nashville Tennessee, where he has recorded an album featuring eleven of his own songs plus 'I Can See Clearly Now' a cover that has been begging to be re-recorded with a new feel.

The album is called 'Saturday Night' and will be released after Xmas 2008 on the new CMR Nashville Label and distributed by RSK.

One of the tracks 'Thank You Very Much' has just been released this week as a promotional single to the industry.

Although the album was recorded in Nashville with their top musicians and singers, it is not a stereotypical Country Music album. All the tracks have a POP/MOR feel with an emphasis on good fun and emotions that come with a Saturday night.

Sam Millar enjoyed his return to Nashville for his second album, but went there this time with a handful of his songs that relate to today without getting caught up in any specific genre. Sam had great success from his previous album '9 Hours 2 Nashville' with many TV appearances, and tracks being used on 4 EMI Compilation albums around the Line Dance theme, which was very popular a few years ago. His music has progressed from this album and the results are on 'Saturday Night'

Sam lives in Essex in the UK with his family and is looking forward to a record deal in the near future.

Contact Details:-

Web http://www.myspace.com/sammillar


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