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December 2008
John McCane & Last Of The Breed

John McCane & Last Of The Breed

John McCane & Last Of The Breed
Manchester (UK) based John McCane &amp; Last Of The Breed. Are an award winning band on the British Country Music Scene who draw their inspiration from self penned songs and quality covers, not only from the rich vaults of country music but also from blues, soul and rock and roll. Although a good 80% of their live shows are country the criteria is the quality both in choice and presentation much in the style of the Irish show bands of the past hence the bands name Last Of The Breed.

Last Of The Breed was formed &amp; have been on the road since 1992. In that time the Band has had various lineup changes of personnel over the years. The main nucleous of the Band these days are John McCane (Lead Vocals / Bass), Pete McDonald (Keyboards / Vocals), Paul Burgess (Drums), Mike Foley (Lead Guitar / Vocals), &amp; Shane O’Borne (Lead Guitar / Vocals).

Due to other work commitments the Band has a job share system. Which means Last Of The Breed has some very fine part time members, Gerry McLaughlin (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Lenny Whitehead (Lead Guitar / Vocals) &amp; Martin Clooney (Drums / Vocals) who deputise when needed. Everybody pulls their weight whether it be Playing Instruments / Vocals / Van Driving Etc.

Awards to Date
Peoples Country Music Award Band Of The Year in 2001/2002
UK Country Radio Award Single Of The Year 2002/2003
UK Country Radio Award Song Of The Year 2003/2004
UK Country Radio Award Album Of The Year 2003/2004
UK Country Radio Award Listeners Choice 2004/2005
UK Country Radio Award Song Of The Year 2005/2006
British Country Music Award Song Of The Year 2008
Southern Country Magazine Readers Choice Band Of The Year 2008

John McCane

John McCane: Bass Guitar
The band leader Salford born John McCane of first generation Irish extraction who spent part of his childhood as a pupil of the prestigious Manchester School Of Music because of his natural ability with musical instruments and singing.

His musical ability soon found him on the Irish Show band circuit as a bass guitar player and harmony vocalist which in turn led to session work and a musical discipline combined with a built in integrity that has remained with him throughout his career to date.

Along the way John developed his song writing ability which brought the need to get his talent in front of people. He had played with numerous local bands before fronting bands (Nevada &amp; 16th Avenue) which rapidly gained a reputation on the national/international country music circuit. A recording of a couple of Johns own songs “Only A Fool” and “Know The Dance” gained respect and bookings at The Pontin’s Country Music Festivals and Mill At The Pier in Wigan. Later John went on to form Last Of The Breed and they recorded an album called “The Breed”.

A self-composed song called “The Immigrant” from the album won critical acclaim both in Ireland and Mainland Britain. The Breed became residents at The Irish Festival at Pontins in Southport and again became in demand throughout Britain and Ireland.

Pete McDonald

Pete McDonald: Keyboard, Piano, Vocals
Pete started his pro career in Swansea in 1965 with The Kingpins a R&amp;B band. Then Dream (Later Man) and then The Iveys ( Later Badfinger). In the early 70’s he moved to Manchester and played in a blues duo. He was the founder of The Malt Shovels Folk &amp; Blues Workshop in Altrincham before moving to Rochdale. In the 80’s he toured in Europe with the Big Jim White Presley In Mind Show. Then toured with the Johnny Earl Band Backing The Jordanaires on their European Tour. He also toured with The Dakotas and made many TV appearances. In the early 90’s he toured with Wild Country before joining Last Of The Breed in 1998.

Pete has also worked as an extra on TV. Worked as a Comedy scriptwriter freelance and commissioned (Two Ronnie’s. Les Dawson. Russ Abbott. Brian Conley etc). He is also a fine artist cartoonist and keeps a comic book record of the band, which is a riot.

Mike Foley

Mike Foley: Lead/Rhythm Guitar Vocals
Started singing in the pubs and clubs in 1965 around the Manchester area. Took up guitar and formed a rock n roll trio. Turned pro in 1972 and in 1973 took a job playing in a notorious Manchester strip club 6 nights a week, &amp; on Sundays played in a shebeen. Joined Victor Brox Blues Train played with them on and off for 6 years in between working with other bands in both Britain and Germany. Through the early 80’s he played in Germany Holland and England &amp; at one stage worked with Tommy Bruce and P J Proby.

In 1984 he met John McCane for the first time and joined him in a band called Country Comfort. He played with various Manchester bands until giving music up to become an English teacher. He’s now out of teaching and back into music with John McCane & Last Of The Breed.

Paul Burgess

Paul Burgess: Drums
Paul Burgess was born in Manchester in 1950, and started playing drums in 1965.Turning professional in 1971, and being the up and coming player around Manchester, he quickly became a 1st call drummer for numerous bands. This in turn led to studio work, and eventually he was asked to join 10CC as their auxiliary fifth member for live work. He worked with them throughout the ‘70s, including recording albums, following the departure of Godley and Creme.

The ‘80s saw him working with such diverse artists as Jethro Tull, Camel, Elkie Brooks, Joan Armatrading, Gloria Gaynor, Alvin Stardust and The Icicle Works.

Come the ‘90s, he joined The Backroom Boys{featuring Jerry Donahue},which included work with The Hellecasters {three of country music’s’ finest guitarists}.

There followed 13 years with legendary R &amp; B singer Chris Farlowe, during which time Paul re-joined 10CC in 2000.

He also plays with other bands around the Stockport/Manchester area, including The Removal Men, Escape Committee, Atlanta Roots, Casual Ties, Cheating Hearts, MK Ultras and Preston’s premiere jazz/rock outfit, Free Parking.

After a one-off gig with John McCane in 2006, Paul was asked to join The Last of The Breed, and has since played on most of their gigs {10CC permitting !!}.

Shane O'Bourne

Shane O’Borne: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Pedal Steel, Keyboards
Born in Birmingham, Shane came from a musical family background. He started out from an early age playing guitar on the Irish Showband Circuit, travelling all over the UK &amp; Ireland. He eventually moved into a Pop Band in the 80’s &amp; toured America &amp; Europe.

In the late 80’s &amp; early 90’s he toured with Don Fardon &amp; numerous Country Bands, The Corn Dogs being one of the many, where he was the Lead Vocalist. He then moved on to play guitar &amp; keyboards with Quill who are still going strong on the Celtic Rock Scene.

He plays in a Duo called Louisville with Pete Redfern, who have been established for over 4 years, &amp; are still touring , &amp; spends a fair amount of his time as a session musician/producer/sound engineer.

For over eight years on a part-time basis he has been a member of Last Of The Breed.


Gerry McLoughlin

Gerry McLoughlin: Lead Guitar
Gerry moved to Manchester in the late 70’s having cut his musical teeth around the folk clubs of Leeds. Studying at Manchester University (along with his contempories Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson and Ben Elton), he formed ‘Gags’, becoming a resident item at Manchester’s Band on the Wall throughout the 80’s. Variety being the spice of life, he also branched into Irish traditional music with The Valley Band, rock and roll music with Pete Maclaine and the Clan (, blues/country with Stockport’s finest band The Removal Men, Newcastle’s rockers Archie Brown and the Young Bucks ( and guitar tuition ( That country leaning has seen Gerry enlist to be the latest addition to John McCane’s Last of the Breed.


Martin Clooney

Martin Clooney: Drums, Vocals
Martin has played with every type of band in and around the Manchester music scene. This is his second time with Last Of The Breed.
The first time around being from 1997 until 1999. In the past he has played with Stockton Wings, Rattle &amp; Reel, Toss The Feathers, Cullainn, &amp; Barry James Band. He has supported many of the major acts including The Pogues, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Chris Rea. As well as touring most of Europe.


Lenny Whitehead

Lenny Whitehead: Lead Guitar
Len got his first guitar for his 5th Birthday, and quickly took to it. By the age of 8 was performing in front of his schoolmates in school performances. At the age of 12 he played his first paid gig, and at 17 left school to become a full-time professional guitarist.

From that time he has toured the U.K. Europe and the U.S.A. with numerous bands, including Poacher, The Bogtrotters, The Cheapseats, and The Sarah Jory Band to name just a few. Whilst mainly working on the British Country Music scene, he has always broadened his options by playing other styles of music. He even passed an audition to join Van Morrison alongside Sarah Jory.

Len has played on many recording sessions, for such diverse artists as Ken Dodd, to Bob The Builder, he has even appeared on the silver screen with Demi Moore in a Hollywood Movie playing guitar on the soundtrack as well as appearing in the scene in the film.

He is currently in the backing band for The Drifters, but still enjoys playing guitar alongside his friends on the Country Scene as and when his schedule permits.

John McCane and The Last Of The Breed is the only fully pro band on the scene that Len plays with, and always enjoys having a blast onstage with the guys.


John McCane & Last Of The Breed

Branding their mark on the British country music scene, the North West's own John McCane and Last Of The Breed have never been as busy as they are today. Why The Last Of The Breed? For several years while many of the bands on the British country music scene were following the progressive trend of artistes such as Hal Ketchum and Alan Jackson, John and his four-piece band drew greatly on the 60's - 70's music of Ronnie Millsap, George Jones and Merle Haggard, playing some of those less remembered songs that are instantly recognised and drawing and exclamation of "haven't heard that one for ages - now that's what you call real country music!!!"

Playing for private parties and the Irish scene, along with the British Country Music scene, John McCane and Last Of The Breed can turn their hand to a wide variety of music. To further substantiate the quality and professionalism of John McCane and Last Of The Breed, John McCane and Last Of The Breed have a string of awards to their credit.
2008 has been a very busy year for the Band &amp; the diary is looking healthy for 2009. Again we hope to put lots of smiles on peoples faces, with our brand of Live Country Music, both here at home &amp; abroad in the Clubs &amp; at Festivals.

The Band Members are busy writing new material for a New Album &amp; hope to have it finished &amp; released by Summer 2009.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our Fans for their support over the years, &amp; hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas &amp; a safe &amp; Happy New Year.

John McCane


Contact Details:-

Telephone: John McCane on 07813 202 606


John McCane & Last Of The Breed are the featured band on our December show
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