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Postby wildrose on Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:41 pm



<center>The Crown Top Kings</center>

Formed in summer 2007 featuring Swing Commanders founder members Jesse, Pat and Graham with new guy/multi-instrumentalist Chris aka ‘Dusty’

Music Influences

The band’s influences include ‘old school’ country artists such as Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Johnny Cash, Tex Williams, Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, Pee Wee King, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Speedy West.

Mission Statement/General info

We play American roots music: Country, Western Swing, Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Jump Jive, Swing, Tex Mex, Cajun, Latin and Blues into our own danceable retro style with a modern feel….Cowboy Jazz if you like…it all has a Western feel.

We do plenty of familiar favourites in our set along with plenty of new songs with Chris and Graham sharing lead vocals and featuring Jesse’s infamous steel guitar style.

We want to have cross over appeal from the Country scene over to the Rock ‘n’ Roll/40’s Swing Jive scene. That’s why we mix styles and arrangements up. If we get the tempos to our songs right then people can Line-dance, Jive, Lindyhop, Charleston and Stroll….whatever they like!!

We’re keen to give audiences something cool to look at onstage so we’ll be playing our vintage guitars/drums and wearing our finery. Jesse’s been adding to his hat collection and Pat’s RAF uniform will be making the odd appearance too!

Members of the band


Pat: Drums: Plays vintage Slingerland drums/Pink Sparkle Cocktail Kit and Paiste cymbals
Home town: Southport
Influences: Los Lobos, Tom Waits, Buddy Rich and Hank Williams!
Previous bands include: Swing Commanders, The Gemtones, The Stormkeepers
Quote: "Two things made me play the drums: Alexis Corner's Sunday night blues show on Radio One and seeing Blondie's drummer Clem Burke on TISWAS batter his way through Union City Blues!"


Graham: Bass/Vocals: Plays Upright Double bass and a home made amplifier!
Home town: Ribchester
Influences: Hank Williams, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash!
Previous bands include: Swing Commanders, Wildkatz, The Barretas
Quote: "I was 10 when I saw Bill Haley and the Comets doing 'Rock around the clock' on Top of the Pops. From then on I knew I'd play the double bass and be in a band"

Jesse: Guitar/Steel/Vocals: Plays: Home made Steel guitar and Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gent through a Fender Deluxe amp
Home town: Bolton
Influences: Chuck Berry, Speedy West and Thora Hird!
Previous bands include: Swing Commanders, Winchesters and The Bluenotes
Quote: "I had two fingers sewn back on after an accident and took up the guitar as psysiotherapy. I'd heard Chuck Berry at a school disco and it became the first song I ever learnt"
<center>Image Image</center>

Chris: Guitar/Sax/Vocals: Plays Selmer Super Action 80 Tenor/Gretsch 6120 Guitar/Fender Blues Junior amp
Home town: Blackburn
Influences: Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and of course Hank Williams!
Previous bands include: Doo-Be-Wah, 20 Century Rocks, Barettas
Quote: "I started in my teens when two guys from school turned up at my door and asked me to play guitar in a band. I thought they'd come to beat up!"

We engineer, recording and produce ourselves in our farmhouse studio.

Personal information

We all live in the North West of England/Lancashire. Jesse’s from Bolton, Graham’s from Ribchester, Chris is from Acrington and Pat’s from sunny Southport. As for our ages….well we’re all in our late 30’s and early 40’s with children…Grahams a granddad too!

Hopes for the Future

Plans for 2008 include the release of our first CD, developing the website to include a gig list and some free downloads of live material and live footage. We’re going to start writing together to so we’ll be doing original material soon too.

We want to draw a line under the Swing Commanders split and have fun playing music again. We enjoy and respect each other’s friendship and playing. We want to reconnect with our audience, give them something new, fresh and exciting and above all make people dance, sing and be entertained!


Jessie on 07709921083
Pat on 07896896701

Its great to be able to feature new up coming bands as the CROWN TOP KINGS and I thank Pat for his time getting their details to me.
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Postby LynneT on Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:07 am

Saw these gut at Hobos and they are great, so good in fact we have booked them for the club. Very few bands have my feet tapping all night but they did, can't wait to see them again.
Well done guys
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The Crown Top Kings!!

Postby Pat Fitzsimons on Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:14 pm

Hi everybody. Sorry about the delay in posting but we've had no t'internet for while. Thanks for making us 'Artist of the Month''s an real honour and we're chuffed to bits! Thanks to Mr John Craven (as ever!) for putting it all together too....

Thank you Lynne T for the nice comments and coming to see us at Hobo's....and ta to Trevor for booking us. That's right folks, we're proud to announce that we're gonna be appearing at Chew Valley CMC for a country christmas party on Saturday 13th December! For tickets etc take a peek at

Here's a quick plug for some up and coming gigs for February and March:

Saturday 16th February at Clitheroe Rock'n'Roll club/Swan and Royal Hotel (rock 'n' roll set)

Thursday 28th February at The Hobos Retreat: Reform Club Tower St Heywood (Country music/Western Swing set)

....give Jack and Mavis Lee a call on 01706 622 638 to reserve your tickets now!

Saturday 15th March at Hooked On Country Music Club: Our Lady of Lourdes Club Plodder Lane Farnworth (Country/Western swing set)

Ring Theresa on 01942 792 293 and take a peek at: ... ountry.php

In fact, why not take a look at our new dates page that's up and running at

Right, I'm off up the wooden hills to 'Bedfordshire'. Got a rehearsal tommorrow and I need my beauty sleep. I'll keep you posted on the CD.
Night night. Pat x
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