What the hell???????

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What the hell???????

Postby Boss Lady on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:03 am

I heard a track called "Stuck like Glue" by Sugarland.....thought it was amazing. Did a usual line dance search AND..............................There are seven dances choreographed to it!!!!!

Then I got the "Daffodil Dance" a different line dance written every year in aid of Marie Curie. This year 2 dances ( a beginner and an improver ) choreographed to FIVE different tracks of music!!!!!

When will this all end?????

I am sick of having to fork out cash on loads of music, most of which I may not use but have to have just in case another teacher has used that track. I'm sick of being unsure as to what dance to teach as other teachers may have taught the other version.

Linedance used to be so clear cut. 1 dance to 1 track, when did it all change?????

Another BIG difference I've noticed over the years is that a lot of linedancers seem only able to put the dance to the track they were taught it to, so if they go to a C&W club they don't dance because they don't seem able to recognise the beat of the music being played by the LIVE band or artist.


Finally before any of you "Country" folks start going on at me about linedancing....forget it!!!! I AM a Westerner AND a Linedancer and YES! YOU CAN BE BOTH!!!!

END OF SERMON........................EXIT STAGE LEFT :roll:
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Postby Alex Evans on Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:53 pm

It's been ten years since I last taught line dancing and they same problems existed then. Personally I would teach what dances you want to whatever music you want. Don't worry what other people are teaching that's not your problem, just look after your own. If you're good enough (and I'm not suggesting for one minute you're not) then people will continue to come to you.

My biggest problem was people going to another class, not fully understanding the steps then asking me to show. I always refused if I hadn't taught the dance in the first place and sent them back to who they learnt it off.

For me line dancers who didn't get into it in the early days have always had the same problem when dancing to different songs. I blame the teachers who are unable to source dances from places other than the Linedancer charts. Imagine how we coped before the magazine started, where did we get our dances from? Plus the number of dances choreographed with phrasing to suit a particular pop song meant it was almost impossible to fit the dance to a Country song without adapting the dance, which then defeated the object.
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Postby Boss Lady on Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:30 pm

Totally agree Alex

Choreographers put bridges and tags and restarts into dances to make them fit.

If they don't fit DON'T use that track! Simple as that!

I'll never give up as I love it too much but I just wish folks would turn back the clock and go back to how it used to be...no chart music...just good Country Music.

Now some teachers only teach to chart and pop music, they call it Nu Line.

Lordy, lord help us all :roll:
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Re: What the hell???????

Postby southbound on Sat Apr 09, 2011 9:30 pm

Classes being not able to dance to a live band is down to the teachers..When I taught ..I used to teach a dance and look for several pieces of music that the dance could be taught to or danced to. If there were very popular ones that had tags and bridges then I would teach them for the sake of my class . I would however explain that these dances could only be danced to the track given as it fits this music only. If I could avoid this and still teach good quality fun dances then I would . Live music is great for dancers ( at least ones who can dance to the beat an rhythm ) those dancers who cannot have not been taught correctly. remember the tush push and stroll along cha cha ... waltz across texas and many more dances like these that were danced to myriads of titles and artists.
Damn shame it has all changed . I for one would still be teaching .
I say bring back the fun and social side of the western dance clubs ( both line and couple done to mostly country) the clubs used to hold socials and everybody dressed up and actually wore boots and hats and check shirts with frills on... absolutely brilliant. Linedancers often call for some form of identity to our hobby ... my god we had it and let it go ... shame on us all

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