"Your Country" Needs You - BBC Cuts

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"Your Country" Needs You - BBC Cuts

Postby livewirer on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:05 pm

Yes Allan Watkiss' YOUR COUNTRY show on BBC Radio Sheffield is still under threat with the BBC cut proposals.

Are you concerned about the loss of country music programmes across the Local BBC network. Would you miss them in 2012 ?
Do you REALLY care if they survive or not :?:

Last night listening to Kenny Johnson it seems something must have been said last week as listeners were showing their concerns and wished to lend their support.

Kenny briefly mentioned the cuts at 12 mins then read this out at 52 minutes - Listen Back - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7sn
"The BBC cuts are coming I guess they will be here. Because of those intended cuts Sounds Country is under threat, so you could loose us.
The warning is -It's HERE.
If you think it will pass us by, NO IT WON'T , were virtually gone.
I wait to see if the country fans can save us really and if you want country music on the airwaves that's what its all about.
The cuts have come and have been issued. We'll be on the way after 35 years
" - Kenny Johnston (BBC Radio Merseyside)

So the UK's longest running country show could be no more.

One bit of good news is thet Keith Greentree said on his show on BBC Radio Norfolk Saturday that his listeners figures are very healthy and management seem pleased. Maybe this one has a good chance of surviving but the rest on Sunday aftenoons, evening and Off peak mid-week are most certainly threatened.

BBC proposed cuts threatens specialist music on the BBC
http://countryroutesnews.blogspot.com/2 ... n-bbc.html
Please submit your views to the BBC Trust
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